About Us


We are Ulrich, Leon (16) and Margret Grigoleit. Besides the British shorthair cats
we have a dog "Asti from the watermill", a small Hovaward female dog.
We also have horses at our farm, if you like to know more about our horses,
please take a look at
We have bred horses succesfully for 20 years. At it's peak we had 35 horses
on our farm that we bought for the horses.
We stopped breeding horses and now we live here just with the cats on this
actually quite too large yard. My passion for breeding animals, especially cats,
cows and horses was there as long as I can remember.
My father and grandfather have bred with great passion and success.
When I was a small child my grandfather has already taught me genetics of
Darwin and I made a lot of practical experience.


In the 70s I bred 3-colored rabbits out of 2-colored. Since then I learned how
inbreeding causes big problems. Already as a child I was interested in the
genetics of cats. Wild cats attracted great fascination.
In my childhood we lived in a remote location near a small mountain.
One winter we were visited by a very impressing wild cat that stayed all winter.


My father explained to me the differences to our Tabby Hofkatzen.
He was wild, truly spectacular. He gathered up our Tabby Hofkatzen and mated
with them.
We also had a tortie, red and blue Hofkatzen which left him completely cold.
In spring, the bellies of Tabbyhofkatzen lean and you could see the teats.
However, we saw the Tabby's becoming increasingly rare. As we also tried we
saw none of the minor semi-wild cats.
But they were not half-wild. One day all, that is the wild cat, his - actually our
Tabbyfrauen-and all his children vanished.
That was the foundation for my love of the Tabby.
At the same time it showed me what it must spend for a wild-cat and their offspring
must be a torture, a life without freedom.
I thought about bison back breeding of cows, etc. So after I made the decision even
as a child, if I ever breed cats the first one had to be brown.


It was also only one race in question, cozy British Shorthair.
When we started many many years later with the breed cat breed,
it was just the first brown cats Cinnamons.
I was thrilled. It was not really long, because I managed at the Cattery Rivium fawn's
the first animal in the dilution to get.
Almost simultaneously we received from our Grutholz Kandy, a lilac Cinnamonträger.
We had a lot to the big yard and Tabby did not release me. Tabby's good to have proved more difficult. All growers wanted to know my breeding goal. If you did it because you wanted to sell me any more Tabby. More information at Tabby's.
Then one day a real gift from God. Heaven's Gift, the only cinnamon white
odd eyed cat world.
Then were born Present from Heaven, a fawn-eyed white cat and Heaven's manna,
a blue-eyed white male fawn. All had a solid parent and were thus normal bicolour.

What you have, you can breed, my father and grandfather always said.
This led to the odd eyed, blue-eyed cats. The cats live with us in the apartment.
If they can have fun in the kitchen through a cat flap into the 300sqm outdoor enclosure.
From there they can in the old stables, which are now separated.
We will continue to expand even further cat needs. The cats love them already
but as an adventure playground.