We breed British Shorthair and Highlander in lilac, fawn, chocolate, cinnamon, cinnamon golden tabby, silvertabby cinnamon, blue eyes and in bicolour with blue eyes and odd. We also have black and gold spotted Tabby Spotted Tabby's golden cinnamon.

Sandro Hit von Grigoleit as kitten. Black golden spotted tabby

Our kittens are microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated x 2, with papers given
at the age of 14 to 16 weeks. Pet kittens are neutered before release.
We take the risk, the cost neutering (100 - € male, 50th - € male) are assumed
by the buyer.
Pet kittens cost depending on color, type and coat quality between 450th - € and
up to 900, - €.
These are e.g. Cinnamon Kitten white odd eyes, the rarest, which is to have a cat.
Breeding cats and show cats cost from 1200 - to 2500 € - €.
They will be delivered by FIV, feline leukemia and FIP test.
Males may cover only the capital stock. We can arrange transport and carry abroad.