Many fans say: "pedigrees do not interest me" But should he.

But should he.

If you buy an animal (which is not only applicable to cats), which is genetically closely drawn and I mean not only a breeding mother-son, daughter-father, half-siblings, they often buy a cat with a poor immune system. It is best to buy a year's subscription to the vet.
Problems can also arise when just outside the printed family tree is the same ancestors, 8x, or 100 in the next 30 generations. Almost ALL Cinnamons go back to the same origin.

If you say, "I can once rückverpaaren times" quickly enters the above. Of course you mean to have a faster breeding success. The guy seems to strengthen faster. It is passing through but again, the problems from serious, have been killed on health-respecting breeder since three or more generations behind.

We can not afford a living farming the development work that is required for a new variation within a breed, to preserve the breed healthy and do not deteriorate to the breed standard .. It is going to require detours. This is work, time and money intensive.
It requires a lot of throws to achieve the goal. Unfortunately, very few breeders dedicated to this task.

Very important for health is the Ernhrung. See Information. Stress is also a very big about the health determining factor. See Information.

Below are the most important diseases discussed.

When the British Shorthair British Longhair and of course there is a hereditary, life-shortening diseases HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). We let our cats and even the older animals who often live here still sound. Especially with HCM says the ultrasonic at a 6 year old cat much longer than in a young cat. Heritable HCM shows until 6 Of age. This means that the cat may have been negatively geschallt 5 years and still have HCM. If even a small risk factor present in the breeding cat, but he can step up in the offspring. Of course it may sometimes not used. Unfortunately, many breeders do not sound, or just young cats. Therefore it makes sense with lines to breed and bring more security to the buyer, assuming that older cats are geschallt. HCM is dominant, not sex-linked trait. Heart disease can also be purchased zbdurch with taurine deficiency. Taurine is an amino acid that is found only in animal foods.


In addition to various other causes, e.g., Giardia is the most common cause of stress in the diet or in the search. Cats that the owners and / or the house have changed are initially have enormous stress, even if you do not see it. The easiest way to get a diarrhea should be treated first and only omit all other feed horse meat to feed. If the cat is hungry for a day, that's not so bad. It cleanses the bowel.

Under no circumstances should the diet be changed immediately after the move. There are several home remedies for diarrhea. Since the cat is a carnivore, but often helps pure meat. Alternatively you can cook chicken breast with rice and puree. Carrots can replace antibiotics recipe for carrot soup Morosche: Boil 500g peeled carrots in one liter of water an hour, press through a sieve or puree in a blender.

The total amount to fill a liter of water. Three grams of salt (just one teaspoon) add. Mashed or minced meat cooked with chicken mix. Diarrhea occurs when bacteria or viruses colonize the gut and release toxins. The prerequisite is that pathogens may refuse the adhere to the gut. Antibiotics also the healthy bacteria are killed. From the long-cooked carrots can win the so-called Oligogalakturonsäuren, which can occupy the driven by the bacteria GAL-1-4-Gal receptor. These acids are already present in concentrations of only 0.005 percent of bacteria in their adhesion completely block. Because the drug has food character, he is superior to synthetic chemical compounds. If the diarrhea does not improve after 4 days, please look for the cat to the vet.

Our cats are vaccinated against the common cold two times complex and feline distemper. This vaccination must be repeated once a year. Breeding cats are also vaccinated against rabies, although this area is free of rabies for 40 years and our only breed cats in the enclosure must. To emigrate to other countries is not permitted without the rabies vaccination.

Leukose, FIV
Kittens that are submitted go into a breeding tested to date. We will be happy, if desired, also pet kittens at an additional cost of 90 - € test.

Coronaviren/ FIP
Kittens who go into a breeding are tested to date. To get to the point, we do not breed negative corona titer. We are of the opinion, shared by modern medicine, exposure to viruses, strengthens the immune system. The predisposition to mutation of the corona virus is probably hereditary. So far from our present lines affected thanks be to God no cat. We hope to stay that way. The titer of our cats is very lowlands.

If you have a cat from us and they should be seriously ill, please call or email.

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